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Company Name: Enshi Rainbow International Rich-Selenium Tea Co., Ltd
Factory ADD: Denglongba Village, Bajiao Town, Enshi, Hubei Province, China
TEL: +86-718-8221861, +86-718-8482988
FAX: +86-718-8482688

Email: export1@irunbang.com
Web Site: http://www.irunbang.com


Gunpowder Tea, one of the Round Backed Tea, which is also called Flatten Baked Tea, which is the main export tea as be carefully prepared from green tea through scientific processes. Gunpowder is noted for its compact granules, green luster, and lasting fragrance, like a brilliant glazed pearl when they have produced as a product .It¡¯s flatter and smoother than unimproved tea, more compact-round ,to frost over on the appearance with sooty, to like a pearl on sparking ,to taste with a pleasing aromatic fragrance.Therefore which is called Flatten Green as the other name. Gunpowder is called ¡°Green Pearl¡± as a glory name in the tea series, the clients in the Northwest Africa as the main area, we still have established the main market in other oversea country, such as U.S.A, France and so on. ¡°Rain Tea¡± is carefully prepared from Gunpowder Tea through scientific divided processes as a long-formed typical tea on producing, it is known for its fine, even, neat and compact leaves. It is also called ¡°Flatten Green Chunmee Tea¡±.
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