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Kongfu Black Tea

Kongfu Black Tea, which is carefully prepared from the young fresh tea leaves, mainly sprout, through all kinds of typical scientific progresses, the whole procedure is such as withering, rolling, fermentation drying and so on. The processing technique of Kongfu Black Tea is special and unique, which is a fermented tea of which the ferment is Green tea as its character. Its red as its main color on brewing up, like dry original tea and tea water ,by reason of those ,its called Red Tea. The AHA Diet have gotten an important conclusion that is Black Tea contains a number of flavones as one of dinking , it can resist the action of acid, it also can found a great many of free radical polymerization, used in reducing the rate of incidence of a disease acute myocardial infarction. The researched conclusion was showing that for the restricted free radical polymerization, a cap of Black Tea can come to the better efficacy of the resisting acid than garlic, broccoli, carrot, and cabbage.
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